Friday, 1 September 2006

catch up blogging

No fancy blogging tonight. No photos. Too tired. But I will post a link.

Check out the Samurai Knitter. God only knows why she calls herself that when she's a pretty straight up and down American girl with a husband and baby and a filthy mouth! When I'm at work and bored to tears, hating my life and anyone within a 5km radius of me, her sarcasm, bite and tendency to swear a lot just amuse the hell out of me. I admire her. I probably would swear more on the blog but I think my mum reads this sometimes. he he

Still knitting the Breeze jumper - no, correct that. Still sewing up the breeze jumper. Really want to block it tomorrow and have it ready to wear ASAP, but I somehow think it's not going to happen. It's looking soooo pretty though. I'm gonna be gorgeous in it. I hope. If I'm not, I'll never leave the house in it.

The sock doth progress. Only three or so months after I started it. Why is it I can knit a jumper in a month, but only part of a sock in three???

Anyway, I'm up to the heel turning bit. Ms Spider, can you help me? I'll see you soon and this time when you turn a heel, I'll really watch.

Oh and i bought more Brittanys too - from Cassidys, for the local readers. the place looks like a bomb site with all that redevelopment, but I don't care cos I can go there and get Brittany needles!

Also, busy planning a very, very important lunch for this Sunday. Six people. Serious gourmands. Really don't want to f*ck it up (oops, sorry Mum, had to let that one slip through...). I'll spend half of saturday preparing. There's goats cheese, there's beef that marinates forever, there's, well there's all sorts of stuff. More detail to come when I've sat up tonight and hopefully decided for once and for all what, for my friends, will be appropriate dining. I have promised the guests I won't stress. I will cook with love and joy. Really I will. Because why else do it, if not for love?

Oh yeah, I'll post photos. I know I said I wouldn't. But I will. Remember the stash? All the stuff I'd wound up into really nice balls? Maybe blogger will cooperate tonight and let me post photos....

Sean eventually made me put it all away into plastic crates. I don't like that as much. I just want to look at them. So I've rebelled and left a few on the coffee table. My neice came over last weekend and despite all the fun stuff I'd planned, she thought yarn winding was the most fun a girl could have (she's six). Who was I to argue with that? We got lots done. :-)