Thursday, 21 December 2006

on the road from Friday

Hey everyone

My socks are done!! Two brand spanking new socks are blocking and ready for wrapping tomorrow. Hooray!

A four year old who visited today was rather taken with them and wanted a pair of his own. Looks like i'm on the look out for kiddie sock patterns!

So, tomorrow we head to sunny Queensland for a week. For non-locals, that's an 18-20 hour drive. How much knitting time is that???? Hubby is saying, 'do you intend to do any of the driving?' The honest answer is, 'as little as possible' but I have to be fair right?

Tonight I'm staying up late to get some easy car knitting started. This project - Branching Out - from Knitty - is not car friendly. I tried yesterday. It's more of a sitting still on the couch, not talking to anyone, not watching anything interesting (like the final episode of Jane Eyre, for example) kind of job. But here's how it looks so far.

Doesn't the pink baby alpaca look pretty against the blue summer sky??

In the meantime, I've cast on some socks (k3, p1 rib - very nice) and have found a hat to start working on so I can come to grips with stranded knitting on circular needles (see, Julie! I'm starting!).

I hope you all have a really lovely Christmas. It's been so cool getting to know you all a bit since I started blogging. Love you lots.

While you northern hemishere folk are getting all snuggly and warm indoors, we'll be in hot, humid Brisbane, 20 hours north of here, stretched out in the air conditioning, drinking lots of cold things with dear friends.

Take care