Thursday, 29 March 2007

Drunken Lace

No, Drunken Lace isn't my attempt to combine Chinese cuisine with knitting, although I'm sure there's something in that idea.

Or at least there would be if I wasn't too hung over to think straight.

Wednesday nights are MY night. There are a series of great cooking shows on TV (although, i was thinking last night if I heard Kylie Kwong declare 'because fat is flavour' one more time I was going to barf) and hubby does the cooking while I knit, drink wine and feast my eyes, inevitably getting hungrier by the minute.

So I spent an hour or so finishing of the lace scarf I'm making for a friend, whose birthday is today. Talk about cutting it fine. It could actually be a bit longer, but I was not feeling particularly inspired to keep it going and decided that around 1.3m (4.2ft) was probably long enough. Scarves on the shorter side can be nice, too, right?

Anyway, after half a bottle of Rose, I finished it all off (the scarf, not the wine, that came later) and was about to start blocking when a friend called. This friend and I never have short phone conversations, so I figured I'd block, drink and chat all at once!


I had a GREAT night, felt very up throughout all the chatting and drinking, but it does not make for Great Moments in Lace Blocking.

I got up this morning and checked out the results. First of all, it's upside down. No biggie really, but it just shows I wasn't paying attention.

It's not pinned out remotely evenly. Very, very screwy.

And I haven't even sewn in the ends.

I see myself, after work today, sewing in the ends, soaking it again, and blocking it properly. I'm probably not seeing my friend for her birthday anyway, so she can have it by the weekend. I have ideas for how to present it to her, which I shall post, with photos, after the event.