Thursday, 8 March 2007

good stuff and a question about Knitting in public

Good Yarn Karma

The girls over at Good Yarn Karma are doing a fabulous job. Love them to bits. I've now scored a couple of things from contributors to the blog and as soon as they arrive will post them.

i was going to sell the yarn I'm giving away as my contribution but now that I've scored Mason Dixon Knitting, Interweave Knits and Knitticisms from the exchange, i figure I'm much better off.

Very, very good yarn karma!

Harlot Happening in Canberra

Anyone else having a Harlot Happening on March 22nd?

Canberra is. We've had discussions on venue, activities (including *live blogging*) and lucky door prizes. I'm off this afternoon, if a meeting finishes on time (which it might not...grrr...) to discuss a sponsorship opportunity with a LYS.

Anyway, if you're around and unattached to a Harlot Happening on March 22, you MUST come to ours. It will rock. I'm sure of it.

Details are on Taph's blog.


Other than that, not much to blog about. I'm starting to miss the Steeked Jacket. It's sitting in a basket by my knitting spot at home, feeling, I'm sure, a little unloved. I'm not out of love with it. I swear. I'm just trying to get my sister's socks done!

A Question

Before I forget, speaking of socks, I am planning on taking my socks-in-progress to a restaurant dinner on Friday night at which there will be mostly women, many of whom I know little or not at all. It's a group of about 15, I suspect. It'll be noisy. I'll be Friday-night-tired. I'll probably have a good time without the knitting, but will probably have a better time if I take it to knit between courses.

Would you knit amongst these people? I almost always take my knitting everywhere with me now and people are getting used to it. But these girls might think I'm a freak.

So, yes or no.

What's the consensus?


ps how cool is the new Knitty?