Sunday, 8 April 2007

Long weekend roundup

I haven't really felt like blogging all weekend. I've been hibernating a bit, keeping a low profile.

As a result, I've completed 1.5 pattern repeats on the steeked jacket. Only about 7 rows to go until I believe I have enough length in the body to start work on the sleeves.

Interestingly, my sister, who is visiting from Sydney and staying for the night, came in from a football game tonight to see me sitting on the couch with the steeked jacket and said, 'what on earth is that?'

Sean declared it to be, 'the infamous steeked jacket' (God love him) which made zero sense to my sister. I just said it was a big project I was working on with some people on line. My sister loves me, but I think she thinks I'm a bit weird sometimes.

So, it's Easter and I'm a bit down/depressed/sad/whatever.

Easter is a bit of a dud festival/holiday/celebration to me. It doesn't carry the weight of expectation that Christmas does, with the notion that you 'must' spend the day opening loads of gifts and having an enormous feast. And that's ok to me because I think the level of expectation about christmas is way out of proportion with what it actually delivers anyway, but that's another story.

The fact that Easter is more low key kind of suits me. I don't have to go anywhere if i don't want to. I treat it as total down time. I can slow down and, as I said, hibernate, which I guess makes more sense in the southern hemisphere than it does for you northerners. You're all just waking up, coming out of hiding, whereas down here below the equator, we're adding layers of clothing (not fast enough, if you ask me), ripping out the last of the tomatoes in the garden, remembering the joys of working with wool and starting to cook warmer foods.

Not everywhere gets a day off for Easter Monday, do they? For us it's another day off, thankfully. It's bad enough suffering the 'day before the last day of a long weekend' blues. I'm not ready to be suffering the 'night before I have to go back to work' blues yet.

OK, enough dismal rambling. Tomorrow, when our visitors are gone, I will post photos of the gloriously exciting loot I scored from Julie. The box finally arrived last Thursday and I was beside myself with happiness. Some great stuff there. (thank you, Julie!)

I was so excited to show it all off at SnB on Thursday night, I actually forgot to take any knitting with me! What a dork. Thankfully, Taph saved me with an in-progress beanie she was happy to let me work with.

And finally, thank you for the absolutely wonderful comments you all left for my blogiversary. Each and every one of them brought bucketloads of warmth and happiness on this fairly flat, uninspired long weekend.

Remember to leave a comment between now and 14 April to be in the draw for a prize of some sort. I am yet to figure out what.

Oh, and funny side story of the weekend. Our six year old neice was here for afternoon tea today (chocolate cheesecake anyone? God that was good! Nigella rocks) and she was telling the story of a friend who has a pony called Bells.

"It's kind of a silly name" she said, to which all of us burst out laughing.

Yeah, I guess it is. But it's what lots of people call me so I'm keeping it that way, regardless of said pony.