Sunday, 29 April 2007

Mariah is back on track

My main problem with the Mariah project is that when I think of the name, I find myself humming really annoying, schmaltzy, over produced pop by a woman whose music I once read described as 'so twee, that if wallpaper could sing it would sound like Mariah Carey.'

Let's not even discuss the fact that I know any of her songs. How I know them is unclear since I neither listen to the stations that play her "music" nor do I watch the TV shows that play her film clips. I own no CDs of hers, nor any compilations that she appears on. So how is it I know the names of her songs, much less the melodies? Thankfully, I think it's safe to say I couldn't actually sing any of her lyrics.

But I digress.

With Jejune's patient support, Mariah is now going very well. Being the innumerate dope I am, I've screwed up the numbers no fewer than three times now and appear finally to have it correct. True, I'm well behind my Mariah-along buddies, but they have school and work and OPs (other projects) on the go, too so I'm sure i'll catch up in no time.

Here she is.

I was worried that with the increase in stitches, the reverse stockinette panels either side of the main cable would look too wide, but it was concluded at SnB this afternoon that actually those panels serve to bring the centre cable into greater relief and that it works.

Thank God for that. Because I'm not frogging it. Otherwise she might go the way of Mariah Carey's career.

Back to work tomorrow. I've had five marvellous days off and now they're over and I have the fun of facing two weeks of tidying up loose ends and doing all those months' of filing I've never done in an attempt to get ready to leave my current department on the 11th. What fun.

And thanks for the resounding support and interest in the new blog I'm doing with RoseRed. I hadn't realised how rude the picture of the sausage was until she mentioned it to me today. he he.

Now there's a teaser for those of you who haven't looked yet. Go find the rude sausage.