Sunday, 1 July 2007

a day in the country

Yesterday, Jejune and I took a trip to Young, a small country town two hours' drive west of Canberra, to visit a wool shop we've heard good things about. It was a fabulous day. A great chance for us to get away for the day and do something fun.

Young just also happens to be Sean's home town, so we called in on my in-laws in the afternoon. How weird is it to visit your in-laws without your husband? I've never actually done it, even though we've been together over 8 years! I have never before been in Young without Sean. It felt decidedly strange. But in a good way.

We headed off around nine and on arriving in Young, spent an hour or so rifling through the goodies, pictured below.

Here's what I got.

Some Inca to make some of Clafoutis socks that Jejune made in two evenings. These will be a gift.

Some Shadow Tweed, which seems to be showing up everywhere in blogland lately. I see perhaps another scarf like my malabrigo one in this.

There was some patonyle on sale. I bought this without any real plans for it. But Sean took one look and declared it was for him. Fair enough.

Some Shepherd Baby Wool for a friend's baby who was born only recently.

So, I was quite restrained, really. It could have been so much worse. Oh and i got a Patonyle pattern book too - there are some great socks and gloves in there.

I returned home to find Sean had been a very busy husband. He'd made me sock blockers! Now I know that socks don't really need blocking, but for the socks with great patterns on them, stretching them out to dry can really help, I think, as well as making better photographs.

See! He used an outline that RoseRed sent me from her sock blockers and it worked a treat. Clever husband!

And yes, those are the finished monkey socks in Julie's Purple Trainwreck, available from her etsy store.

I'm so happy with how they turned out. They look as good as I hoped they would. Of course, I'll have to live without them for a couple of months now because they're going on display in the Craft ACT exhibition. Perhaps I should make some more?

No. I'm not allowed. I am now working like a woman possessed on the steeked jacket sleeve to meet my July 13 deadline of having the sleeve finished by then. I tend to like meeting the challenges I set for myself. Today, I got about 6cm done, using Alwen's idea she gave me in the comments of marking the starting spot for the day to show how much progress was made. Great idea, Alwen! Thanks.

As a parting shot, here's a photo of my monkey socks on my feet earlier today. God I love them.