Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Hanging out with the Time Thief

There was a knitting crisis in my house this morning.

I had no knitting to take with me on the bus!

Everything I'm working on is at the point where I need to sit and think through the next steps, oh and there are no socks on the needles because of a serious bout of startitis. I can't find a sock pattern I'm able to settle into comfortably.

With twenty minutes before the bus arrived, Sean said, 'Start a beanie,' and I thought, yeah! Why not.

I have a couple of recipients in mind - blokes with big heads - so I rifled around in the stash, came up with a ball of 12 ply Bendigo in a kind of pale brown, cast on and before I knew it I was running for the bus with a brand new beanie on the needles and a restored sense of calm and order.

I had bus knitting.

The beanie pattern is from Canberra knitter, Taphophile, she of the Time Thief Watch Caps. I've made one before and honestly, with a ball of 12ply, you can have a beanie in next to no time at all. Just looking at how many she pumps out, week after week (mainly for charity) makes me want to applaud loudly. Taph reckons that three hours is all you need to churn out one of these marvels and she's right. I'm half way up the band in just 25 minutes of bus knitting and actually, I've made one before, a few months ago, so I speak from experience. They're fast and they look great.

If that's not instant gratifcation, I don't know what is. Thanks Taph!