Friday, 27 July 2007

How To Lose a Morning In One Easy Step

It's dead easy.

Wake up and discover your Ravelry invite arrived in your inbox as you slept.


I've just lost three hours without even noticing.

Initial thoughts are:

1. I will lose bucket loads of time in the first little while as I set up my profile, add project shots and generally spend a lot of time locating friends. It's a bit like arriving at a party that's already started. Someone just handed me a beer and now I'm off to check out the room and find all my friends.

2. It won't replace blogging for me. There's a way to have your latest blog posts show up but I haven't figured that out yet.

3. I've uploaded a few stash photos but so far am not entirely clear on the point of this - or rather, is my stash of interest to anyone but me in terms of management?

4. It's fun. Why else would I have spent a morning off knee deep in Ravelry?