Wednesday, 29 August 2007

An Assembly of Sorts

The Knit1Blog1 Exhibition finished this weekend just gone. Thanks so much to Barb and her team for giving us all the opportunity to be part of it. It was great fun and wonderful to see so much great work all in one place.

This of course meant that we were able to collect our pieces. Olivia and i went at lunch time today to collect ours, but only after we had puppy related incident. Let me explain.

Olivia met me outside my work, which is right in the city. Scurrying around the crowd was a cocker spaniel that didn't look much more than a pup - maybe 18 months old. Olivia, being more of a dog lover, than I, wanted to make sure he wasn't lost. He didn't have a tag on his collar and no owner seemed forthcoming.

We made a couple of phone calls and it turned out he had been reported missing to the Government service that looks after such matters and his home was in a nearby suburb. The owner was called but couldn't come and so a neighbour or friend was called and about 40 minutes later, Wally, as his name turned out to be, was collected from us. It was rather nice, the three of us sitting on the path waiting in the sunshine! Olivia had her camera and will hopefully post photos soon!

However, I digress.

Now that I have the body of the jacket again, I have been able to put all three pieces together for a photo.

It's amazing for me to see it all together. You know, that second sleeve took me just over a fortnight from start to finish. How is that possible? The first one took MONTHS!

Anyway, I was showing it to my work buddy Clare today and she expressed concern over the length of the body. Fresh eyes are always helpful. I think she is right. I don't know how I came to the conclusion it was long enough before. If it's too short, I simply won't wear it.

So at least two more repeats must be done before I can graft the sleeves on.

Sigh. The saga continues.

In bus knitting news, I have new socks.

This is the yarn that was given to me by my Secret Fairy God Knitter some months ago as encouragement to keep on with my jacket - I wasn't allowed to cast it on until I'd finished the sleeves. I did try to cast it on when I finished the first sleeve but was unable to find the right pattern. It's Lorna's Laces Shepherd. The magic spell was obviously deeply embedded in the yarn. It did not want to be any of the socks I spent a frustrating weekend casting on and ripping out. Clearly, I really wasn't meant to work on these until my sleeves were done.

Now, post sleeves, a perfect match has been made. These are the Lacy Mock Cable Socks I've made twice before. Hey, if a pattern works, stick with it! Both Tanya and Amy are making these at the moment in equally successful colour choices.

But I'm still on my jacket deadline. No other new knitting will be cast on (except for bus knitting) while the deadline looms. I should make a ticker, shouldn't I?