Tuesday, 30 October 2007


Yesterday, my first morning of leave was spent in drudgery. I cleaned the fridge. It's almost my least favourite job, next to cleaning the oven, but these things must be done.

After that, I headed into Stashland. Some work was really needed there, too and it was a lot more pleasant.

First of all I tidied up the three drawers beside the couch where I tend to just shove stuff that is knitting related. What a mess. Ballbands, loose circular needles, swatches, patterns that had been printed but never filed -I'm sure you all know what it's like. That's all neat and ordered now. For how long it'll stay that way, I can't tell you. But right now, it looks pretty good.

Then I gathered all the sock yarn i want to use in the next little while and made a pretty basket display out of it.

I was nauseatingly impressed with myself over this. I used to keep it in such a tidy condition but it all got a bit wild and overgrown in recent months. Order has been restored.

Then I headed into the study where things were really getting out of hand. My stash seems to have been breeding.

This is how it look after I attempted to make it tidier.

Still not great, I have to say.

So I fixed it.

Sean came by after a while and laughed heartily at what he thought was my attempt at humour.

Ah, no. I was a)covering it up so it looked neater and b)adding a layer of protection from dust (even though many of the inhabitants of the stash are in zip lock bags according the Rose Red Standard of Stash Systemisation).

He then insisted I take a photo. So I did. And it was dubbed the Purple Cloak of Stash Invisibility (PiCSI). Everyone needs a PiCSI! And so shall it henceforth be known.

Oh and thanks to everyone's well wishes for Adele. I called her at Westmead Hospital this morning and she was able to come to the phone and talk and was feeling quite ok. I'm sending her a big bunch of flowers that should arrive when she gets home this afternoon.