Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Fun things

Thanks everyone for joining me in the sheer joy of having finished the jacket. It's really lovely to feel that sense of wonder and relief. My first few days in a post-steek world have been blissfully filled with very plain knitting. Sean thinks it won't be long before I launch into another major project that will consume my life. I daresay he is wrong.

No photos of the jacket being modelled yet. It was finally dry by Monday, at which point I did try it on and thankfully, it fits. I was a little worried, I have to say, given the crumpled state it was in pre-washing. But it's all good and modelled shots are forthcoming. Possibly tonight.

In the next couple of weeks, I've got to pump out my first pair of itty bitty socks. My lovely nephew, Will, turns 4 at the end of the month and he's after some socks by Aunty Bells. Well, Willem, socks you shall have. After a bit of fiddling and playing around, I came up with what I hope is the right number of stitches for tiny little boy legs. It's more Sullivans Sock Yarn. Adele tells me blue will be a winner.

Also in the fun photos category are these.

Mad, Mad Rachel sent a few of her blogger friends some Valentines Day gifts. Mine arrived rather late, taped up with customs stickers. Presumably they saw 'candy' written on the package and thought they'd explore. Thankfully they thought candy corn wasn't to their liking.

Rachel sent me this because I'd pestered her last Halloween about what on earth candy corn is. Now I know. It's solid sugar, made to look like corn kernels. I kept having to grab them away from Sean saying, 'not until I take a photo!' What you see here is what remained of them. They were yummy, Rach. Thank you!

She also sent me a great book, 2 At a Time Socks. It's got lots of yummy patterns and an intriguing style of knitting two socks at once. I'm going to try. Again, thank you Rachel. You rock!

One last thing, lists. RoseRed has started compiling a list of goals at the start of the month and because I like to do what she does, I'm going to do the same. Just a little one.

1. Knit Will's birthday socks

2. Finish Fetchings

3. Finish Dublin Bay and Donyale socks which were started before the mad rush towards finishing the jacket.

4. Get most of the cotton cardigan I'm working on done (post on that later).

That's all quite manageable I think. Now that aumtum is upon us, I feel it's the right time to tidy up loose ends and get set up for all that cold weather knitting. Hooray!