Sunday, 27 July 2008

Across the finishing line

I did it. I really did it. I've knitted everywhere this weekend, at a rate of knots, and I've finished the knitting of the cardigan for the Tour De France knit along. I think that means I qualify for the Green Jersey, right?

This photo was taken at the Yarralumla Nursery yesterday where Sean and I looked for bare rooted trees and I had the most delicious and outrageously expensive salmon bagel. But it was worth it. I got lots of knitting done and it was a perfect Canberra winter's day.

at nursery

My plan was to have Adele's cardigan at the very least ready for seaming by the end of the Tour De France. And so it is. Not that the race has actually finished yet so technically I have until around 2am local time to do the last bits, but as if I'm staying up until 2am on a Sunday night - much as I would love to.

So, here is Adele's alpaca eyelet cardigan, blocked and ready for seaming. Notice anything?

Yes, one side is still wet.

The rest was blocked yesterday (blocking before seaming is fabulous. I'll do it again. Apart from anything else it deliciously delays the moment when you have to start doing all that seaming. Worth it just for that!) and the bit that's still wet is still wet because I screwed up over dinner last night.

I supposedly finished the right front over a meal of coq au vin and bordeaux with friends last night, just in time for the most amazingly velvet chocolate tart (made by our friends' teenage son, Caleb!) and dessert wine.


The wine was probably the reason I screwed up the arm hole and had to redo it today (will I ever learn?). But it's done now and I have the smallest amount of work left to do on the collar.


I treated myself last night to a bit of easy work on the slow going Malabrigo Pi Shawl while watching the race around midnight. I'd had a goodly amount of wine by then. I do sometimes know my limits and lace collars don't fit in with second helpings of dessert wine.

Now all that's left is to take my sweet time over the next fortnight finishing it off before I see Adele and hand over this project which has been an absolute delight and a labour of love. I hope she likes it.

I'm off to eat red cooked pork belly made by Sean and start swatching for the Gathered Pullover! That was always going to be my reward for finishing Adele's cardigan in three weeks.