Thursday, 31 July 2008

Blue to red to sage

Thanks to everyone who pointed out yesterday that another blue cardigan would in fact be my fourth in a row, not my third. How quickly we (read: I) forget. The steeked jacket. Of course. Was it not blue as well?


I wear it often and yet it seems to have slipped my mind as a project. How odd.

Nevertheless, despite some people urging me to give the red alpaca and the Gathered Pullover a go as a couple, that relationship just didn't sit right with me. No spark. No fizz. The red alpaca is going to play the field a little before it settles down. OK, enough with that particular metaphor, stunning though it is.

Sometimes, impulse is best. Right after I posted last night, I went stash diving and came out with some yarn I bought eons ago. From ebay. Haven't done that for a while. Is everyone tired of ebay now? I know I am. Such a painful way to get your fix.

Then the magic occurred. The stars aligned. And my Gathered Pullover was born. In Bendigo Woollen Mills Colonial 5ply. The colour is, I believe sage, not that they make it anymore and not that I ever kept the ball bands way back when. By the light of my kitchen, I think you can kinda make out the pale greeny sageness of it.


I'm happy now. And not only for this, but also for this.


And this.


These were worth coming home a bit early from work for. Not that I knew they'd be there. They just surprised me. Spring is coming and they look so sunny in the dying light of the day. Doesn't that daffodil look like it's yawning, the way it's not quite open yet?