Wednesday, 16 July 2008

The lure of the Sunnyboy

Canberra has so much talent. There, I've said it. To rest of the country, we might be the dull, political capital of the nation, but to those of us who live here and love our home, we know better. 

And just among the people I call my friends, there is exquisite talent abounding. Painting, dyeing, bakingfelting, and newly burst onto the scene is Quilting Mick and her etsy store, cutely named Buttontree Lane.  

We've all known her talent locally and if you read her blog, you'll have seen it too but now she's really starting to show what she's made of with a fabulous store. Check out what I snapped up this week.


It's called a Sunnyboy. I think, but I might be wrong that the original sunnyboy is a particularly Australian thing. We all ate them as kids, water-based ice blocks in a pyramid shape that came in a cardboard container, hence the name of Michelle's little bags. 

When Sean saw this he said he felt an irresistible urge to bite the corner off and eat it, just like we did with Sunnyboys as kids. Such is the lure of the Sunnyboy.


The insides of these quilted pyramids of goodness are vintage sheets. Inspired huh? I vowed not to spend money this week but when I saw there were hardly any left, I grabbed one instantly. 

You know, today when I was telling someone at work at this and about the felted pods that Olivia makes, I was asked (by a knitter!) what on earth you do with these fabric vessels. 

If you have to ask, you lack imagination. Me, I'm not entirely sure what I'll do with my Sunnyboy bag yet, but it'll be put to good use soon enough, once I've stopped fondling and admiring it. 

Rumour has it she's making more. Go see etsy if you want in on the Sunnyboy magic! Or any of the other treats Michelle makes. She's clever.

In the meantime, I'm still knitting Adele's cardigan for Tour De France and will have an update soon, but like any racer, I've got my eye on the prize and am dreaming about what this recent acquisition from Germany might want to be!

All seven skeins of it!