Wednesday, 23 July 2008

There are No Knitting Police

Tour De France 2008 ends this Sunday and with it, the Knit-Along. I'm supposed to have my sister's cardigan finished by Sunday and honestly, I'm not sure I'm going to make it although I'm giving it my best shot.

Two nights of insomnia were made slightly less distressing by knowing I could use the wee small hours to knock over a bit more of the cardigan while watching the race. I always try and see a good side to insomnia, which isn't easy because if you've ever suffered from it, you'd know it's quite a lonely and upsetting state to be in.


My sister called a little while ago and asked how I was going, if I was going to have it done and I related to her a conversation RoseRed and I had about this in which RoseRed had one bit of sage advice.

There are no knitting police.

This is something I've heard before but sometimes, it smacks me around the head as good sense.

I am once again amazed to find out that no one is going to be standing over me on Sunday night chastising my slackness in meeting the deadline, unless of course I am my own knitting police. That's not an unlikely scenario.

That said, I finished the sleeves today and am pretty happy. I would have liked to have them finished by last weekend but it wasn't meant to be.


In light of all this, I've reset my goals ever so slightly. If I can have the body all done by Sunday, as in, all knitted up, I'll be happy with my success.

If the band and lace collar aren't done, I'll cope. But the body. That would be good. I'll consider myself having succeeded and then can spend the next little while finishing it off so I can give it to Adele in mid-August when I visit.

Does that sound reasonable?