Sunday, 17 August 2008

This I like to spend my weekend

So I dropped the ball a bit on the Sunday night 'This is...' meme. Not sure how long it's been since I participated, but I'd be guessing a couple of months. If you haven't a clue what I'm talking about, it's a lovely meme that happens weekly and is hosted by Three Buttons, although somebody different nominates the subject each week. 

Anyone can sign up. It's great fun, when I remember to do it and to look around at what everyone else is doing.

This week's theme was nominated by blogger, Bird Bath. As I was going to post about our day anyway, I thought it fitted in nicely! So, without further ado....

Weekends for me are a recharge time. That means not always being flat out. And not always talking to people. And not always having to go somewhere. We all spend our weeks going places, talking to people, rushing around. Some weekends with all of those things happening are just fine, but not all. I am not a happy Bells if I have too many weekends like that.

So weekends need to include a few carefully selected ingredients, most of them being knitting, cooking, gardening and hanging out with Sean and that's how today was. 

I started the day with tea, knitting my shawl and watching Silent Witness, which I could not stay awake for last night.

You know, that's all the repeats done on the shawl. It's so small and I've got loads of yarn left. How strange. I'll just keep going then!

There was a hint of spring in the air so we made the most of it. But before I set foot outside, I sent Sean out on errands for a while and had the house to myself (another vital ingredient some weekends!).

I made oxtail soup so it could simmer away for the afternoon.

An hour spent chopping and simmering and browning was lovely.

Sean came home and we worked hard lifting and moving broken concrete. Underneath, we found these. Aren't they amazing? Witchetty Grubs. Which apparently taste just like almonds! I wasn't in a hurry to find out but I did pause to take photos and then move them to the compost.

The rest of the day, not there was much left, saw Sean cooking a Lamb curry and me putting my feet up.

That's how I like to spend my weekend, mixing it up with a few of my favourite things. I suppose we're all the same, it's just that some people include sky diving or clubbing as their favourite things. Not I!