Monday, 13 October 2008

Day 13 - Watching the Storm

From safe up on the 5th floor of my building, I’ve been watching a storm brew all afternoon.

The sky has darkened gradually until about ten minutes ago and now all I see is the crush of people and cars below trying to get somewhere safe.

In half an hour, I’m supposed to be meeting Kuka for an early dinner before we head out for Stitch n Bitch, a short bus ride away. What a dark, dismal Monday night this is to be anywhere but at home. But I don’t mind, really. At the risk of being a bit like Pollyanna, I’m happy despite the darkness outside.

For one thing, the rain is what we need. The wetter this Spring is, the less likely we are to end up in summer drought conditions again.

For another thing, I’ve got great friends and a night of food, knitting and fun to look forward to.

I wouldn’t mind if someone could lend** me an umbrella though.

* * *

It was exciting to watch the sign ups roll in last night and today for A Long, Lacy Summer. Keep them coming, if you're keen.

In the comments, Lynne fittingly called it a pseudo knit along. I thought that was so appropriate. It really is a bit of a half-arsed knit along. Not to take away from it at all, but my point in keeping it incredibly low key was to ensure I get lots of time to actually knit the lace, rather than spending all my time administering it. Makes sense, right?

I'm going to do a tally of my lace weight yarn soon to see just what I hope to get through over the summer. That said, unlike Southern Summer of Socks, which RoseRed and I devised as a means, partly at least, of stashbusting, I don't think you can really say that a lace knit along can really be a stash busting exercise to anywhere near the same proportions, can you?

Have you seen how many metres of laceweight goes into your average lace project?

It's so much fun dreaming, though. And it's awfully fun to look at new lace weight that I could buy, too. Today, somebody talked me into buying something quite expensive and decadent. Now I can really start dreaming with that! Icarus maybe? Who knows.

Alright, off I go, out into the storm.


** Thanks to George. Today's word was lend.