Sunday, 19 October 2008

Day 19: Too tired

It's been a very busy weekend involving helping friends move into their gorgeous country home just out of town and the birthday party of an adorable three year old friend.

Let me tell you, there's something so smart about making a kid's birthday party happen over Yum Cha. It might sound odd and really just a do for the grown ups, but the gregarious birthday girl got to hold court with all her "aunts" and "uncle" (that was Sean) and eat her favourite things - crab claws and mango pudding. She got lots of presents which, when things got too much at the table, she took underneath the table to amuse herself there. Everyone was happy!

And full. And tired. 

So I am bowing out of writing much tonight and posting photos I took today of stuff. Good stuff. You'll see what I mean.

This is Blue Sky Alpaca Silk that Mad, Mad Rachel sent me weeks ago, with cute little gift cards that you attach to knitted gifts. I forgot to photograph that. And there was chocolate which, frankly, does anyone expect I'd actually be able to photograph all these weeks later?

It is is SO very soft and fine and silky. I am planning a lace scarf for it all for myself. Soon. Very, very soon. Mad, Mad Rachel is the best.

Other bloggy people have also given me stuff, although these were contest winnings. This is from Donna. And it's fabulous. It's gonna be a lacy something or other sometime. I love purple. I really do. It's an Aussie yarn I've never heard of before, Wagtail yarns, a mohair/merino mix. 
And this here is bamboo, Teresa Ruch Designs, which also came from a contest held by Roxie. You know, I've never knit with bamboo before and I feel the urge coming on. I can date that urge back to the moment I took this divine stuff out of the envelope. 
Roxie sent this yarn with some beautiful cards she made using photos of her local area. I treasure stuff like that. People are so talented. 

And so much for few words. It seems even when I'm tired and, frankly, a bit cranky, I can still maintain a certain level of verbosity.