Sunday, 5 October 2008

A splash of Sunday colour

Only minor amounts of knitting happened here today. Instead I spent the entire afternoon in the garden, mostly planting seeds. Sometime, however, was devoted to enjoying the colours of spring.

Most exciting was the discovery that my irises, which were looking a bit spindly, actually bloomed.


It made me so happy. Sean was in the process of backing the car down the driveway and I made him get out and come and look. He obliged. He's good like that.

The other exciting discovery, not today but just a couple of days ago, was that the ash trees we planted, bare rooted, a few months ago, finally decided to swell their buds and unfurl some leaves. Sean was worried. He hung around them in a state of nervous anxiety for the last couple of weeks, not really willing to believe they might actually still be alive. They are. 

Ash leaves

Let me tell you, the relief was palpable. He's happy now. All that digging in the clay was not for naught.

I leave you with a mosaic of the colour abounding in our yard, which up close is nice, but from a distance (which I will not show you) is forest of ankle deep grass. Gotta get to that. 

Garden flowers Oct 5th

1. Yellow Snapdragon, 2. Yellow Tulip, 3. Starflower, 4. Red Snapdragon, 5. iris, 6. gazania, 7. Blue Anemone, 8. Red anemone, 9. Iris

Now, back that pi shawl. Glad you all agreed. The gull stitch HAD to go.

Tomorrow, the proper write up of the Hemlock Memory Blanket, because blocking photos aren't good enough.