Saturday, 1 November 2008

An Afternoon Wedding

I don't comfortably do parties. Or fancy dressing. Or shopping for fancy dressing. If anything is going to bring out my inner curmudgeon, it's the idea that I'm supposed to buy nice things in order to dress to impress people who probably won't notice me anyway. 

What is the point? Really?

But sometimes I do it, and I do it best if someone comes with me, which Kuka kindly did on Friday afternoon. I got new shoes and shortly after that, a new dress. That'll do me for shopping for a while. It's back to basic black for me henceforth. Except for when I need a party frock.

Here's the frock. Photo courtesy of Sean, taken after the wedding of friends this afternoon at the National Botanic Gardens. I know I was going to wear my pi shawl today, but it didn't in the end go with the outfit I bought, but the red shetland triangle did!

And here are the shoes, which were such a find. On sale and all. I may not enjoy buying stuff, but I like having bought stuff. These will be on high rotation from now.

This is the whole outfit. It was perfect for an afternoon wedding, sitting in the botanic gardens with Sean (we hardly knew anyone) knitting and slowly getting comfortably drunk on champagne. 

The best bit? I figured out how to wear triangle shawls. I've got my shetland triangle tied around the back, so it looks like a shrug. I love it. Now I'm going to make loads of triangle shawls in loads of colours. I'm nothing if not obsessive when I find something I like.