Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Best birthday cake ever

See this cake?

I made it for Sean's birthday on the weekend, when we had a little gathering so that George and her family and Kuka and her partner could present Sean with a much longed for worm farm (which will get a separate post).

It's a Nigella Lawson recipe - Butterscotch Layer Cake and it was so much fun to make. My first time ever making a layered cake. Rich, decadent and full of caramel, which I've never made before either.

I wrote it up for the Mouthfuls of Heaven blog which RoseRed and I have neglected a little lately, partly due to a general lack of baking mojo. But I think with this cake, I got it back.

Special thanks to Carol who gave me the cake stand a few months ago. It really helped with the table setting.