Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Cup Day

Melbourne Cup day was great fun. We spent part of it with Kuka, repotting some of our greenhouse plants for transplanting to our garden before heading out to lunch in Murrumbateman. Have a look at Kuka's post with photos of her race day cupcakes. Such clever decorations! We were terribly impressed.

I neglected to take photos of the beautiful property where our friends live, which is surrounded by tall trees and sweeping grass land but I did capture this little guy who was spotted sitting on a pole out the back. Isn't he cute?

After the race, in which I won $4 in the sweep, we ate cake. Our hostess and I had both baked cakes for the festivities and we decorated them with roses from the garden. Have a look. This is the ginger cake our hostess made. Those roses are what I called antique pink.

My cake, a simple chocolate loaf by Nigella Lawson, was decorated with a stunning red rose, and that's my current sock in progress in the background.

I never thought to use roses for decoration but I think they really work. Nigella describes her dense chocolate loaf as being the plainest of cakes, but it tastes far from plain and with a rose, looks even prettier.

We passed the remainder of the afternoon very pleasantly. Sean helped assemble a monster BBQ they had just bought and I reclined indoors with a glass of wine, knitting and chatting. If only all work weeks could be punctuated by such happy days off.

Finally, I'm thinking of our US friends and the importance of today. I sincerely hope America does the right thing and backs the right guy. Obama may not be perfect, but like so many people, I'm certain he's a whole lot better than the other side. Now we just watch and hope.