Thursday, 27 November 2008

Dinner for One

While undertaking some frankly not particularly appealing tasks at work today, I've been dreaming of tonight's dinner which I would be eating alone.

Sean has been in far north Queensland, in Townsville and is in transit tonight. Relishing the chance for a quiet night in on my own, I was longing to eat this delightful meal for one. Soft boiled eggs with grilled asparagus, sprinkled with sea salt. It's been wonderful. 


If only I could work out how to not ruin at least two eggs every time I try this. I put them out to bring them to room temperature; I've tried putting them in a warm water for a while to make really sure they're not going to crack. And still it happens. It's most frustrating when you're not keen on wasting eggs (who is?) and when you're dying to eat.

If anyone's got suggestions, I'm keen to hear them.

Nonetheless, I got there in the end (the house is now bereft off eggs) and dipped my grilled asparagus into the yokes. Fabulous.

For now, it's back to this rather tiny crochet and waiting for Sean's plane to land. It's raining tonight. It's a good night to be in.