Monday, 10 November 2008

What's going on in the world of lace?

It's time for another update on what participants in A Long, Lacy Summer are up to. All through the week, I bookmark the posts I know i'll want to make mention of in the round up. I try to get around to everyone, see who's up to what, and marvel at all the great stuff going on.

So, first up, my favourite in the last week is from Andrea who blogs at Let Me Knit. Andrea and her husband swtiched hemispheres and moved to Scotland a little while back. She says her Snowdrop Shawl (by the Yarn Harlot) helped her make the transition.

Isn't it stunning? She took the photo at a monastary. See her blog for the full write up including photos of the shawl draped eerily over gravestones.

Melissa at Wooly Jumper made a Seascape Stole in Silk Georgette. It's so beautiful. I imagine it's amazingly soft and warm.

Alwen at Lost Arts Studio is making a blanket weight doily pattern. Post-hemlock ring blanket, I'm awfully fond of these and plan to make another one between now and Christmas. Alwen's is knitting up beautifully.

And finally, RoseRed who featured with a beautiful finished lace piece last time, gets another look in because she produced this stunning reversible lace scarf just in time for a friend's birthday. Also, it's her birthday today so go wish her happy birthday if you feel inclined!

People are doing such great stuff. At this rate, we're in for a fabulously long, lacy summer. More than a few people have picked up on the lacy/lazy wordplay which amuses me greatly but really, what's lazy about hours, days, weeks of lace knitting? Not much at all, I reckon.

Now, where's my Adamas shawl. Oh yeah, that's right, buried under mountains of Christmas knitting. Sigh.