Friday, 5 December 2008

Project Parade

Before I begin this week's lace tour, I have to say I am exhausted. Long days at work and a sudden trip to South Australia yesterday have left me with little knitting time and a need for sleep.

I had to fly to Adelaide yesterday, which is a 1.5 hour flight (crossing a timezone even!) so there and back in a day is a whole barrel of fun. I went with my great work buddy, Sara, and in between meetings we had a lot of laughs and a lot of coffee to struggle to keep ourselves alert after a 4:30am start. I may have nodded off in the afternoon meeting. Oops. Thank God I didn't drool. Or snore.

No photos, sadly, because a) I didn't have a memory card in the phone (thanks Sean!) and b)when I did get to buy one, Adelaide clouded over, the rain began and we had to get a cab to our next meeting.

I will say however that rumours that Adelaide is a dud town are, in my opinion, not true. Lovely, lovely old buildings. Hardly a high rise to be seen but instead you are treated to beautiful cathedrals (they don't call it the City of Churches for nothing) and old sandstone homes. Lovely. I am very keen to go back again some time. How fortunate I've been this year to see two previously unknown cities through work - Alice Springs and Adelaide. What a treat!

So I'm very excited to have seen so many fabulous finished projects amongst the participants of A Long Lacy Summer. This little half arsed knit along is inspiring people to do some decidedly non-half arsed lace knitting.

I will start with Cindy2paw who, for those of you who know her, it would come as no surprise to see her lacework is green. Cindy recently completed the Laminaria shawl from Knitty, one that's been on my radar for a while. Check it out.

In more greeny goodness, we have the talented Ailsa who, in record time, completed a Gloxiniaeflora shawl in Yubina Lace Weight Cashmere Silk Yarn.

I'd never seen the pattern before. I smitten but unlikely to attempt it any time soon. See her blog for some very innovative blocking and the story of how she got it done.

Jan over at Pass the Slipped Stitch Over finished a beautiful Fern Lace Scarf from yarn by Live2Knit.

More green! Must be something in the water.

Moving right away from green lace, here's Andrea's latest creation. Clearly Scotland agrees with her desire to power through lacework because she's featured here before.

It's a Cascading Leaves shawl which she made for a friend. You'll find the story here. Beautiful work again Andrea!

Finally to wrap up this week's tour, this is a project we all know I love - the Hemlock Ring Blanket. Nettie, who is a local knitter and very nice into the bargain, made her first Hemlock. I love it.

Great work everyone! I'll soon have lace of my own to report but as some of it is for Christmas, it's a little hard to be anything more than vague right now. But it's happening!