Friday, 16 January 2009

The Canberra Jane Austen Festival

I'll break with usual subjects here for a moment and put a call out for anyone (local, or even a bit further afield if you're interseted) in attending

The Canberra Jane Austen Festival 16-18 April 2009

Sean spotted an ad for this event this morning and called me at once. Somehow I'd managed to never hear of it.

A quick glance at the program reveals a host of seminars on subjects ranging from clothing to food to Regency Bonnet making!

If this sounds delightful to you and you think you might be intersted in attending (with me! Because I'd love the company!) let me know. Early bird tickets are available until 25 January at just $95. Considerably more expensive after that.

This is a weekend just made for people like me, I think, even though I confess I've never longed to make a Regency Bonnet. I just might discover such a longing, I think.

If no one's keen, that's ok. I will still go but it'd be lovely to have some company.