Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Sock Club 2009

If you read RoseRed, you'll probably have seen that she has set up a nice little arrangement for herself, inspired by others on Ravelry, whereby she conducts her very own Sock Club. She first floated this idea with me when I visited her last week and I thought it was bloody marvellous.

The idea is that you set aside skeins of sock yarn from your stash and earmark them for selection during the year. Like RoseRed, I've selected 12 but I'm not pressuring myself to get one pair done a month. There are always other commitments that come up, like gift knitting etc.

Never one to let a good bandwagon go whooshing by, I figured I would join in the fun. As RoseRed says, it's a good way to make your sock yarn stash exciting again. All I need now are the brown paper bags which are part of the fun - bag it up, choose at random throughout the year.

So, here's my selection, it's all special stuff. Items that were either gifted or which have been 'saved' for some time for a special occassion. But, like the good crockery, sometimes you have to just get on with using the stuff otherwise those special occassions never arise!

Sock Clob 09

1. red koigu, 2. Light Blue Koigu, 3. wollmeise, 4. Knittery Autumn, 5. Socks that Rock Sapphire, 6. Schaefer Anne, 7. Socks that Rock Ravenscroft, 8. KnitPicks Gloss, 9. Socks that Rock Tanzanite, 10. Socks that Rock Mustang Sally, 11. Donyale's Burnt Butter, 12. Donyale's Bruised Bloodwood

Not all of it might be made into socks, either. I know for certain that two skeins of purple Socks that Rock are probably going to be a shawl, but that's ok, that's the beauty of a personal sock club - you can do what you like!

Now I just have to put them all together, in bags, so they're ready to be selected. Gathering the photos from Flickr doesn't quite count as getting fully prepared, does it?

Spinning Update Last night, I worked on my spinning for around 90 minutes. I got something that looks a bit like yarn. I accept it's not perfect. I'm cool with that now. And I even got some consistency in terms of having long bouts of spinning between accidental breakages.

Just not so sure I enjoyed it. I felt like I was neglecting my knitting. And I felt sick at the end, like I'd watched the wheel too much. There was some serious wooze happening in my head. Note to self: take breaks.