Saturday, 14 March 2009

A Day In My Life - March 14 2009

It's that time again. A Day in My Life time. Each month, on the 14th, as inspired by Little Jenny Wren, the idea is to post a run down on your day. Just the way the day panned out. I was pleased this month when I realised the 14th wasn't going to be a work day. There are only so many ways to make a work day not sound repetitive every month!

So, today we woke up in the guest room of our friends who live in a nice house out in Murrumbateman, a little town 15 minutes outside of Canberra. A few of us gather there once a month or so and stay over, all having breakfast together in the mornings. The mornings tend to be a bit slow, as we sit around in our PJs, drinking tea or coffee and recovering from the inevitable wine consumption the night before. No one was too much the worse for wear this morning; only a little bleary eyed and fuzzy.

Here's how the morning greeted us. There's a slight mist although it's hard to see.

Morning in Murrumbateman

We dined on a sumptuous breakfast which included these delightful mushrooms with bacon, butter and mustard.

Mushrooms Kilpatrick

I worked on a vest I'm knitting for Will, while drinking tea and waking up. We were entertained, as always, by our little friend Miss Mollie, who you can see in the background of this photo. She's an amazingly adorable little girl.

Willem's Vest and Tea Cup

We were home by lunch time and the day, after that, was unremarkably domestic. We bought a new dinner set this week and had to find room for it. It required moving around a lot of kitchen cupboard space.

New Crockery

Throughout the afternoon, the sky grew darker and we hoped for rain. I even hung washing out in the brewing storm in the hope that doing so would bring on a downpour. It did, within an hour or so, but not for long.

Stormy Sky

Domestic duties over, I got to work on some crochet I've been doing this week. This is a basic round doily from a Japanese pattern book called Kyuuto! It's been quite fun learning to read Japanese charts. I finished it tonight and will post about it in a day or so.

Round Doily and Kyuuto Book

Late in the afternoon, the skies opened and we got a decent amount of rain. In the interests of capturing the evidence, I took some photos. Here are some rain drops on my Daphne.

daphne after the rain

In the evening, Sean cooked a Thai beef curry, we drank a Chardonnay and watched British crime shows we'd recorded during the week. All astoundingly normal, every day stuff. Just how we like it!