Saturday, 7 March 2009

A few quiet moments

For the last few days, I've been pretty occupied by things that don't involve either work or, it has to be said, much knitting.

My sister, her husband and the adorable Will are visiting. I took a couple of days off work and have thrown myself headlong into hostess stuff and aunty stuff.

Adele and I became aunts earlier this week, thanks to our youngest sister who had this little pumpkin. Alice Rachel. 

Alice Rachel Jackson Born 2 March 09

We took Will to meet his first cousin on our side of the family. It was a lovely moment.

Bells, Willem and Alice

The rest of the time, we've just been hanging around.

upside down willem

Adele's hubby has had pretty bad gastro so we've had some bonus time together while we wait for him to get better. This has meant not so great things for my knitting, but brilliant things for wonderful quality time together, though so not much for gastro-boy.

I'll leave you with this photo-less story. On Friday, Will was feeling unwell so he and I had some quiet time at home while his mum and dad went to visit the new baby. I was knitting and looked down at one point to see my lovely boy holding needles I'd discarded and some scrap yarn I'd given him to play with. He was absently moving the needles up and down with the "string" while we watched TV, just like Aunty Bells. 

Be still my beating heart.