Wednesday, 11 March 2009

A Long Lacy Summer - Part 2

So even though A Long Lacy Summer was, as I dubbed it early on, a half-arsed Knit Along, it was still fun to see people mentioning it and saying it had inspired them to do some great lace knitting.

The kind of knitting happening around the place was anything but half arsed. I mean, look at what Samurai Knitter Julie did.

That's three months' worth of not-half-arsed knitting. Julie also dyed that piece, which eventually was given to her mother in law.

Over at Pass the Slipped Stitch Over, Jan spent the summer churning out lace scarves and shawls at a rate that made it look like she was knitting garter stitch squares.

One item I kept a close eye on because I'm planning on doing one myself was Terri's Icarus. She just posted it this week, describing herself as smitten. I can see why. Can't you?

Another relative late comer was Amanda, who made the most stunningly vivid blue Mandala.

Hmmm....there's a lot of blue so far. Let's find another colour. How about some red?

That's a beautiful scarf from Victorian Lace Today by the lovely Kylie. She gifted that scarf to George. Talk about generous. I'd have had trouble parting with that.

And then there was Shelley, who not only did the lace knit along, but also the Southern Summer of Socks Knit Along, all the while travelling to the UK and struggling with her PhD.

Amongst other things, Shelley made not one, but two Swallowtail Shawls. One of them was generously gifted to me a fortnight ago.

(later edit) I missed Deb. She also wrote a round up post and I'm very sorry I forgot to add it! Deb did an amazing count of three swallowtail shawls! Each one a stunning piece is glorious colours. So sorry for missing you out Deb. Here's a photo of one of Deb's shawls.

That concludes a summary of all the Long Lacy Summer round ups I've seen. I do hope I haven't missed any.

And what about me? What did I do? That was, after all, the reason for making it a half-arsed Knit Along - I wanted to make sure I didn't lose much of time to managing participants and not actually knit anything myself.

I think I will save a summary of what I did for a post of my own because I'm about to go and cast off a particular lace item (hint: not the black lace shawl) so I'll save it for the next post.

Thanks to everyone who participated so enthusiastically. What a thrill! And to those who didn't quite get into the zone, thanks for signing up anyway. Maybe we can try again next summer?