Saturday, 18 April 2009

From the archives

Busy day today so I'm digging into the archives for a photo of something I thought I'd lost! Going through some old backed up discs last night in search of something, I found this.

will's blanket1

This is a blanket I crocheted in 2004, when my lovely nephew was still in utero. It was hugely ambitious for me at the time. Back then I was still crocheting as a preference over knitting and I didn't have an awful lot of time, once I decided to make it. I recall it took about three months, give or take.

The pattern is from a Leisure Arts leaflet I picked up in Spotlight, my main source of patterns in 03-04. I didn't even really know patterns were on the net back then.

The yarn is Merino Bambino and yes, it's got love hearts on it. Not so keen on making things with love hearts these days but it seemed fitting for a baby.

I loved making this. Really loved it. We were all so excited about the new little life, the first grandchild, coming along and when I presented this to Adele at her baby shower, she adored it. Sometimes you can just tell when something you've made is really loved.

It was used, I believe, as a pram blanket mainly and when I was pregnant, Adele said I could have it for my baby. One day, maybe. I love the idea of it coming back to me.

Don't forget the contest from yesterday's post and my shameless call for post topics. Some lovely ones have come in already and yes, Sean has agreed to judge!