Monday, 8 June 2009

The June Long Weekend

Every year, on the Queens Birthday Long weekend in June, winter really kicks in. You can be almost certain that even though we're in a drought, it'll rain and this weekend the heavens did indeed provide. In spite of that, we attempted a walk today. We got probably 500m down the road and this icy, almost snow started to fall. Back home we trudged and there we stayed.

Mostly this weekend I devoted myself to finishing the February Lady Sweater. I did this with all the fervour of one who hopes to wear a new handknit to World Wide Knit in Public Day in Sydney next weekend. My mission, stated on Twitter this morning, was Do or Die. Today was it. Am happy to report there will be no dying tonight.

Buttons for the February Lady Sweater

She is done. Here is a glimpse of how she looks, just the buttons, while she's blocking. Let me just say I am ecstatic about this cardigan. I was gleeful as I soaked her in the laundry basin. As soon as she's dry, I'll do a post.

I had a range of other photos to post but flickr is being utterly unbearable tonight. So the only three photos I've managed to upload will have to do. Amy, I did try (Amy today encouraged me, when I was feeling very, very uninspired about blogging, but wishing I could do it, to take some photos. I did and it was fun. Tomorrow I'll post them.)

On Saturday night, Sean and I were treated to a night of babysitting our thirteen week old niece, Alice. She arrived, on the blustery dark night, looking every bit the snow bunny.

The night Alice came to visit

It was great fun and she was a darling. Except for that whole hour she cried! Oh my how do people manage with that? Thankfully Sean has the patience of a saint for such things and he cuddled her and talked gently to her for a long time and eventually it worked. Just in time for our roast chicken dinner, I might add. I bet it's not always so neat and tidy, is it?

This is how she spent a fair whack of the evening after her bottle. Snuggled up on cushions on the lounge room floor.

alice on the floor

So now that the February Lady Sweater is finished, of course, the big question is what next? I have WIPs to finish but several of those are good for bus knitting. Another cardigan must be started. I have thoughts. I'll be back with those in another post.