Monday, 28 September 2009


If you were around blogland this time a year ago, you might recall that a bunch of bloggers took part in a fun group event called Blogtoberfest.

Blogtoberfest involves the rather daunting task of blogging daily for the month of October and anyone can sign up. It's run by Cathie over at Tinnie Girl. She wrote about it here and here.

By signing up for Blogtoberfest you agree to:
  • spend a fair whack of each day in October writing blog posts
  • spend all of October worrying that you won't have anything to post about
  • spend all of October worrying that your posts aren't interesting enough
  • spend all of October scouting around for material for daily blog posts.

Or to frame it more positively you agree to:
  • really give yourself permission to spend time on daily blog posts
  • sink your teeth into posting stuff you never thought you'd write about
  • come up with ways to keep yourself interested and motivated - after that the interest by other people is just a flow on effect
  • find yourself looking with fresh eyes at the world as each moment of each day may contain an image or a conversation or an idea that can be shaped into a blog post.
For me, the two times I've tried daily blogging for a month, I've found it both exhausting and exhilarating. It's pretty challenging to come up with fresh material every day and not just rely on filler. Filler happens, but I love the challenge of trying to keep it fresh.

This year though I'm going to try a little experiment. I might include a little guest posting. I've had one offer already.

I look forward to giving it a go. I almost didn't. It seemed like such a big thing to take on but I love not knowing where each day is going to take me. I plan to veer off the knitting talk path a little more if the desire strikes me.

So go sign up if you're keen. The other big, fun part of Blogtoberfest, is being part of the journey with other bloggers.

And now I'd better stop and conserve my writing energy for October 1!