Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Show me the way to get back to the garden

I had that Tori Amos lyric floating through my head this afternoon as I grabbed a few unexpected moments of daylight and flew around my garden to capture the blooms that have appeared over the last few days.


I was thinking about 'getting back to the garden' because the first day of Spring was luminous in Canberra and I was heading home to meet our landscaper who is devising plans for us. These plans will help us build and shape a garden structure that is more than a few disparate beds. We'll have a retaining wall and a deck and pergola and all sorts of good things.

It's exciting because I have really neglected the garden, as evidence by these yellow flowers which exist purely as a result of our neglect.

Bok Choy gone to seed

They are just one of the Bok Choy plants that we never got to harvesting. I figure I'm just going to let the plants do what they want and who knows, maybe they'll self sew, although by the time that happens we'll hopefully have a whole new garden with new plants and new structures. Still, I like the Bok Choy flowers!


As it turned out, our landscaper didn't make it this evening, but for a little while it was nice to hang out in daylight and dream of how much fun it will be to have an outdoor space of our own making in a few months' time.

Just quickly, there is a Grand Plan under way over at RoseRed's place. A Grand Plan of the yarn-y variety. I'll give you a clue, if you're a yarn lover; it involves A LOT of Wollmeise. And a whole lot of new projects. She's either crazy or amazing - I think she's a little bit of both.

Her Grand Plan is to cast on a new Wollmeise project every day for the first seven days of September. Just because. And while I don't have an abundance of Wollmeise, I do have an abundance of yarn and bucketloads of ideas so maybe, just maybe, I'll play along too.