Friday, 23 October 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 23: A Long Lacy Summer Returns

Myrtle in the breeze

If you were around last year, you might recall I engaged in a summer long feast of lace knitting. Let's not discuss the fact that the majority of my time was taken up with a certain black lace shawl that I only just finished. This is not the point. The point was it was my first summer of really giving myself over to trying my hand at real lace.

And lots of people joined in.

So I'm doing it again. A few people around the place are already talking about what they want to do which is pretty exciting. I may do a Ravelry group. I may not. At the time I called it a half-arsed knit along because I didn't do much formally for it. Just watched everyone else to see what they were doing and got through the summer heat with as much light, delicate knitting as possible,

Myrtle on the line

The plan is, figure out what you want to knit, let me know in the comments that you're on board and come 1 November, we're off.

I'm most likely going to start with an Icarus shawl. Probably. I reserve the right to change my mind!

These photos are teasers of my Myrtle shawl. She's done. I spent today showing her off to anyone who even looked like they might be interested. I managed to block her last night before bed (with Sean's help!) and she went out today.

Tomorrow, I'm going to be in a particularly beautiful location so she'll get a full outing, with photos, then.

And yes, those of you who are heading into winter are most welcome to join in. The more the merrier! There are other lace knit alongs around, but this one's really easy. No rules. No guidelines. Just knit lace. Shawls, scarves, socks, garments. Whatever. It'll be fun. And of course, RoseRed and I are running Southern Summer of Socks again too, which is also fairly low key so I'll be combining both lace and socks a bit I think!