Sunday, 27 December 2009

The Year's End

As 2009 draws to a close, I've been looking forward again to glancing back over what happened for me creatively this year. It's something I really look forward to, pulling all the photos together on Flickr and building the mosaic you see below. I love seeing the journey, the progress and the colours.

I'm very happy with what I managed to do this year. Lots of lace, some socks but not as many as in previous years, several cardigans and, for the first time, lots and lots of baby knits. Alice's arrival was a huge and important part of this year (could you tell?) and has given me more joy than I could have possibly imagined. For childless women like me, the love and joy derived from having little ones close by is unspeakably powerful. So all the baby knits have been incredibly fun and amazingly meaningful this year and I look forward to more of the same as she grows.

Also, big changes in store for this blog in 2010. In the first week of January, I'll be moving. The decision's been building for a while and I made it last week. So come back after the break and I'll point you in the direction of the new Bellsknits!

For now, thanks for another great year. As always the blogging community is a wonderful, fascinating and ever changing place and I'm happy to spend so much of my life here.

Have a wonderfully summery or wintry break, depending where you are, and see you next year!


2009 Finished Projects

1. Nupps on swallowtail, 2. Sydney Opera House and Shawl, 3. Mason Dixon Mitered Hanging Towel, 4. Earbud Pouch - open, 5. Branching Out 2, 6. Garter Stitch Bib, 7. Modern Bib, 8. Smiley Alice, 9. Alice - new dress1, 10. Shetland Triangle, 11. Sean's Cauchy Socks, 12. Colinette Jitterbug Socks - Velvet Plum, 13. Garter Yoke Cardigan, 14. Julia's Evangelines, 15. Me @ Batemans Bay, 16. Chevron Lace Cardigan Side, 17. Jo Sharp Fetching, 18. Keith and Alice, 19. Alice in her Baby Kimono, 20. Blackrose Socks - leg, 21. me&alice, 22. Polly's Birthday Socks, 23. blue3, 24. Willem in his birthday vest, 25. ipod cosies, 26. Green Doily Un-ironed., 27. Hemlock doily 2, 28. Jane's Red Socks, 29. Buttery Pomatomus Socks, 30. newsocks1, 31. burgundy towel, 32. berry, 33. anouk, 34. Mick's Socks, 35. Alice's dress, 36. Saartje's Booties - for Alice