Monday, 10 April 2006

My new favourite blog

In learning about blogging, I've been looking around the net at the many hundreds - no THOUSANDS - of knitting blogs that are out there. It's partly research, so I can see what others do, glean some inspiration, and also figure out some way to differentiate mine. And of course, it's about enjoying someone else's take on the world, on knitting and many other subjects.

Just recently, I've discovered a wonderful blog called Dances with Wool I just know I'll go back to as often as I can.

It belongs to a woman in Finland called Lena and she writes beautifully. Not only that, but she makes the most incredible socks and stockings. I've known for a while I want to learn to make socks or stockings but as yet it seems just too hard. Call it DPN fear. Double Pointed Needles terrify me. I've used them in making a neckband for a vest, but that's it. Making something tubular just seems too advanced right now. But when I look at Lena's beautiful blog I feel so inspired. See, envy can be a good thing sometimes. :-) I look at her work and think 'God I want to be able to do that! I'm so envious of her skill!' It's healthy envy! I want to make things like she does.

And I want a blog that's as insightful and beautiful as hers. Finland is so far away from Canberra. I know almost nothing about the place except that they make great vodka there and that the language is really hard. When I was studying Russian, we were told Finnish was harder than Russian - it has something like 13 cases, where Russian only had 9 or something. I can't remember exactly but it was held up there as a language much harder than the one we were learning, as if this was somehow going to make the agony of studying Russian better! Whatever.

Anyway, Lena's blog is really worth a look. I'm going to make a proper link to it. She provides a window on her far away world that has totally intrigued me since I first found it a week or so ago. Hers has provided the inspiration I've been looking for. Thanks Lena!