Tuesday, 11 April 2006

Small projects and a podcast

At the moment I'm really into small, easy to finish projects. Normally I like to be more ambitious than this but life is a bit full on and stressful at the moment (we're buying a house, getting ready to move, I changed jobs etc etc) so I'm really into small, manageable projects. It just feels right, even though I declared at the start of this blog that I like bigger projects.

So, what am I working on at the moment? I'm making a hot water bottle cozy for my mum. I made one for a friend's birthday recently and my mum was so taken with the idea she asked for one. I have some beatiful wool from Bendigo Woollen Mill that's purple - a rich, deep purple with little flecks in it and it's nearly done, having started in on Saturday. Check out the basket weave in the pattern. I think it's lovely!


About six months ago, if you tried to find a knitting podcast, that's all you found. A single knitting podcast by the wonderful Marie Irshad from Wales. Knitcast. I lapped it up. She intereviews the biggest names in knitting - the magazine editors, the designers, the authors.

At the time I thought, wow, I'd love to do a podcast about knitting but I can't access these famous people and anyway, Marie's done a great job. So I forgot the idea.

Then a few months later I searched again and it seemed that knitting podcasters were breeding! Now there are about ten, I think and as of a month or so ago, even an Australian one.

Suddenly there are all these wonderfully creative expressions of a love for knitting by women (and a few men) from all over the world. Some I like a lot, some I like a little, some I listened to once or twice and thought, no that one's not for me.

My favourite, my new favourite is by an American living in Wales (what is it with Wales and knitting?) called Cast On. It's by Brenda Dayne who, I think, is amazing. She's very witty, very eloquent and I have to say puts together a very well thought out and professional sounding podcast. Her weekly essays on subjects such as the controversy surrounding the copyright battle over the term Stitch n Bitch and managing your stash make for fascinating listening.

Happy knitting!