Monday, 24 April 2006

poor neglected blog!

My poor, neglected blog. I knew this would happen. I started out so enthusiastically but it's come to nought. I do have a bit of an excuse though. We've been packing! Yes, after five or more years of longing, complaining and saving, we have finally purchased a property like true and proper(ty) grown ups! So weekends have been spent trying to make sense out of our collected belongings, neglected corners and drawers and wondering how to get us to the new house with relative ease.

We're almost there. Settlement day is this Friday! Movement, sometime after that.

In the meantime, I have actually been knitting. Have become very, very bored with the two jumpers I'm making and have put them aside, despite my assertions that I never have UFOs lying around. I'm making, as mentioned earlier, small things for a change. Like the London beanie! Thanks to Happy Spider for getting me started on the whole circular needle thing at the SnB yesterday. Most grateful! Also, got some lovely sock yarn (purchased with Chantelle at Lincraft) to get started on socks, of which I am most envious having seen what others SnBers were achieving yesterday. So cool.

There's enough to keep me going. I'm happy. And I'll post pictures of said projects very soon.

knit on....


ps Did a bit of KIPing last night at Tilleys while waiting for the sublime Darren Hanlon to come on stage. I think my siblings were embarrassed but I don't care. They'll appreciate the beanies etc when they're done in record time!