Tuesday, 4 July 2006

funky yarn

Finally, I am working on something and sticking to it. Well, two things actually. No, I lie. I already finished something. Made a very nice beanie for S out of some lovely grey bendigo wool last week. A quick, easy project after the cable one from SnB Nation failed me. I mean, I made it but why on earth did the designer think it would fit a grown man? I'm sure there are two year olds it would be too small for! Grrr..Still, it was fun to make.

So then I started on a nice beanie for my sister, made out of the beautiful blue Sirdar i posted a pic of some weeks back. It's so pretty!

But then, in the mail, I received this:

It was a secret gift! There's a forum I'm on - great people - and we had a Sub-Seasonal Secret Santa thing and this lovely stuff was my gift. She, whoever she is (and I have my suspicions on this) chose very well. It's definitely funkier than anything I normally use. Me, being the traditional, 4,5 or 8 ply kind of girl, usually working in block colours, maybe branching out into stripes once in a while, or, shock horror, mohair (!) am finding this new yarn both challenging and thrilling. It's turning the most boring scarf pattern (this yarn screamed SCARF at me) into a fun, far from dull project. It's all kinds of thicknesses which at first seemed odd to me - really thin bits mixed in with big fat woolly bits - what would it look like? Well, it's looking very, very good and just as soon as it's a little bigger, I'm posting pics. But I'll take it to SnB on Thursday to show it off.

Oh and what's also cool about this gift, is the person who sent it knows my husband is Sean. And the yarn is called 'Sean Sheep.' Funny huh?

Roll on Thursday!