Monday, 10 July 2006

I felted!!!!

I am very excited about my first foray into felting. Was discussing with several knitting sisters at SnB last week the fact of my Jo Sharp tweed vest which, though I adore the colour, I was never going to wear because it was too big and shapeless and the wool was kind scratchy. This led to some discussion about Jo Sharp not being that great, but, anyway, I digress.

So maybe I could felt it? What was there to lose? I didn't like the yarn enough to frog it and start over. It was just going to sit in the cupboard anyway.

So into the front loader it went (the knitters review forum told me I could most certainly do it in a front loader). I used the hottest, longest cycle on my machine (all the while, preparing for a dinner party for six, how brave am I??). It washed at 95 degrees for nearly two hours with a pair of jeans and came out looking fabulous!

I danced around the laundry. I rang a friend to boast. I held it up for S to comment and admire. Which he did.

It's a little short, but I reckon over a black top it's going to look wonderful. And the neck still fits. the arm holes fit better than ever and it's so soft now. Obviously Jo Sharp tweed was made for felting. It's much nicer than it ever felt (ha ha, pardon the pun).

Will post a piccie tonight so you can all marvel at my genius!