Saturday, 15 July 2006

happy birthday to bells!

I turned 34 last Thursday. 34!!!

How do I feel about that? Don't ask.

ok, I'm trying to be very glass half full about it, and probably I am ok with it, but it's starting to sound so grown up....not old. I didn't say old. Just grown up. And I don't know what grown up means!

So it's better to think about presents.

I had a wonderful day. Sean took the day off too and we began the day with ME cooking scrambled eggs. Why me? Cos I make better eggs than he does, so it made sense. And I was just happy not to be at work.

Here are some photos of my presents from Sean and my sister. I'd take a photo of the whopping great gift voucher my parents and siblings bought for me, but it has been spent and frankly, bits of plastic don't make great photos, do they? But I have a lot of new make up now, which obviously makes me very happy.


anyone see a theme???

And here is the promised photo of the felted vest. It really doesn't show up in the photo how nice it's become. You have to feel it to believe it. I'll bring it to SnB.

And finally, some hats I made. A small grey one which was for Sean but will better fit my 2.5 year old nephew, Willem. And a hat for his mum, my sister, in the blue sirdar I posted some weeks back.

Small projects which are suited my attention deficit state of mind at the moment. I'm now making a little moss stitch hat for a friend's baby girl who was born ON MY BIRTHDAY! How nice is that?

Now, I must get back to my roasting chicken. Don't you love a rainy Saturday? It's been a great cooking and knitting day, culminating in much eating and drinking (cab sav, 2003, if you must know).