Monday, 31 July 2006


Two exciting purchases in the last week to report!

First up, after attending the Thursday night SnB where Happy Spider brought along her antique swift and yarn winder, the hunt began for a swift and yarn winder of my own. Ebay came through - some nice person in Tasmania had one of each and I bought them both for, ahem, some expense. The savings will take a hit but who cares? I will soon have my own lovely swift and yarn winder- and will post photos just as soon as they arrive.

Also, I've fallen in love with alpaca. I always wanted to try it but it seemed pretty expensive and I never knew the right project....then, last week, the stars aligned and I got word from the universe that it was ok to buy some alpaca.

Word came via the new sample card that arrived from Bendigo Woollen Mill. God how i love that place! 200g balls of a new product called Caprice. It's 50% alpaca, 50% wool. So I don't know what a higher percentage of alpaca would be like to knit with, but this combination, now that it's arrived, is turning into a pretty jumper faster than anything I've made in ages. It's divine! Have a look at the two remaining balls.

It's more of a soft baby blue in natural light. Am not usually a pastel sort of girl, but the gorgeous top I'm making seemed to beg for it. Who am I to deny it? It's called Breeze, the jumper, and it's from a back issue of Creative Knitting - some time in 2004. It's got a fitted, high waist, very figure hugging (!!!) and a scooped round neck, 3/4 sleeves, and is soft and feminine. It's about time I made something with shape. Enough with the boxiness of previous patterns!

Here's what it look like so far - this is the result of all my knitting effort since Saturday (and today is Monday). It's not that I've spent hours and hours doing it, maybe 3-4 on Saturday, an hour or so Sunday at a friend's lunch (doesn't everyone knit when they are being fed by friends???). It's just worked up really fast. I think it's the combination of the softness of the yarn, with the lightness of the bamboo circs I'm using and the desperation I'm feeling to have this ready before the weather warms up too much (not likely, this is Canberra after all!). I'll have it done in no time. This is the back - 2/3 done.

Nice huh?

Looks like the project drought of the last month or so has broken. I've been thinking a lot about writing since my last post, so what am I doing about it? Knitting more! Oh, and welcoming my first crocuses - the little candle flame like flowers showed up today. I think spring might be close. Will post photos later.

Oh, and for the sock update. It's still sitting on the chair where i left it after taking a progress shot a week ago. The bloody thing mocks me each time I pass it. So, no progress - yet.