Wednesday, 2 August 2006

What's a Crocus?

I have to post photos of my crocuses! Crocuses are in my top three flowers. I'm not a total flower obsesessive, but I do love certain spring flowering bulbs very much.

My top three spring flowering bulbs are:

1. The Crocus (see photos)
2. Tulips
3. The Autumn Crocus (very different to above)

Other top flowers, in terms of those I love to grow:

1. Sweetpeas
2. Sunflowers
3. Zinnia

And that's about the extent of my garden/flower discussion! Might be different after we start our gardening course on thursday night (which will explain my absence at Thursday night SnBs for the next couple of months).

So, do you think my crocuses are pretty? They're the first of the season, but not the last. There are several more varieties just desperate to burst into bloom any day now!

When they first appeared yesterday, before they'd opened, they looked like little candle flames. Now, at least for the little bit of sunlight we get, they look so beautiful when they're open. For the American readers, this should tell you a little abot how Australia ISN'T the wide brown land where it's eternally hot! We get cold winters too where flowers as beautiful as the delicate crocus get a chance to grow.

Back the alpaca jumper. I'm up to the front now! can you believe it? Less than a week in, and I'm up to the front!

Oh and I nearly forgot, more Brittany needles purchased today. They're so lovely. I just love the pretty ends of them. Even if they weren't so nice to knit with, I'd still buy them because the ends are so cute. Shallow, aren't I???


ps can anyone guess the reference in the title of the post? Clue: it's a song....I just couldn't post about crocuses without making reference to this song.