Sunday, 20 August 2006

Stash fun (and other ways to avoid thinking about work)

ok, three times I've attempted to write this post and upload photos and three times blogger has crashed. I'm not trying again. But I can tell you what I was going to post pictures of, which isn't, as we all know, nearly as fun, but it'll have to do tonight.

Here we go again.

So, now that I've run out of hanks of yarn to play with on the new umbrella swift, I had to go in search of other ways to justify the expense of the new swift and yarn winder.

So I spent a good part of yesterday turning perfectly sensible balls of yarn into admirably hand wound balls of yarn that stack up oh so prettily. How much fun can a girl have on a Saturday morning? I was certain Sean would see what I was doing and say, 'what a *&^$%^% waste of time!' But no, he declared it was a pretty impressive exercise.

This is where I'd say 'see the results!' But obviously that's not happening tonight.

Let me just say, that the previously amorphous piles of yarn I had crammed into a 60kg plastic tub have turned into a rather pretty stack of neatly wound balls that are currently taking up space next to a chair in the lounge room. Or rather, in front of a chair in the lounge room. Why make something so pretty if you can't display it in all its glory for days on end???

I swear I'm just seconds away from wanting to spin yarn myself. If sitting with my yarn winder, turning out perfectly wound centre pull balls is anything like mystery of spinning, I think I'll love it. Especially after I saw Happy Spider doing so at SnB last Tuesday at the Southern Cross Club. I felt the need to quote Marianne from Sense and Sensibility and cry out, 'is there any felicity superior to this?' I think possibly there isn't.

Perhaps it says something about my state of mind at the moment (which is not good - hate my job, long story) that there are two things I would rather do this week than work (well, not only two, but you get the idea). I'd rather wind yarn into balls or sit and stare at my ever increasing crop of crocuses.

Or, I'd rather finish off the Breeze jumper which is oh so close, thanks to Taphophile's (much appreciated) assistance. Or I'd rather go through pattern books and think of what to do next with the now highly organised stash. Or I'd rather bake. Or I'd rather read. Or sleep. Or sit in the sun and drink tea. Or finish off the never ending pile of ironing. Or re-organise my pantry. Or get my library into some sort of order. Or clean the house from top to bottom. Or anything. Anything!!! I don't think its possible to loathe the idea of starting the working week more than I am right now. It's a terrible, terrible waste of a gloroius, brink-of-spring Sunday, to spend it wishing tomorrow wasn't Monday.

hell I'd rather the torture of staring a blank screen trying to write a novel than going to work tomorrow,

Sadly, I don't have the choice.

Photos next time, if blogger behaves, I promise.