Saturday, 12 August 2006

Pretty things I spent money on!

This morning at the Craft Fair, I ran into Taphophile in the cafe area, doing what my mother, aunt and I were doing - fortifying ourselves for the shopping and queuing ahead of us! She told me she'd heard from Happy Spider (who must be having a great life, being so in love and all - no time for blogging lately!!) that the yarn contingent of the Craft Fair was poor, to say the least. So I was all set to be disappointed and probably I was a little. Only two stalls with any yarn or knitting related material to speak of.

I guess if you're a quilter, a candlewicker, a scrapbooker, a beader or any of those other art forms I have little to no interest in, you would have been very happy. My Mum and Aunt were - fat quarters galore! - but all I wanted was the yarn! So I found some and I did not come away empty handed. I was going to buy stuff today, and buy stuff I did.

So, here for you viewing pleasure, is what I bought.

I saw and fell instantly in love with this delicious NZ kid mohair in a rich, moss green. It helped that it came in a big, loose skein. I pictured it on my swift, being turned into a nice, tight ball, and knew I had to have it. Well, two of them, to be precise. What use would one have been? And it came with a cool pattern for a vest so I thought, what the hell, it's only money, and it was cheaper than the Noro skeins, but more expensive than anything I've bought recently.

Nestled in that lovely mound of green are two balls of 4ply alpaca, which also came with a pattern for a lace knit scarf. They had my name on them, can you see it on the label? ;-) Pink isn't usually my thing, but this is (despite the look of it in the photo) a deep pink and it was better than the other fairly uninspiring colours available at the stall.

i was very good though. I put back the bamboo needles (2mm and 3mm) that I wanted to buy. I thought I needed to walk out of there with at least a little cash left. God doesn't that sound terribly sensible? No one except Sean would congratulate me on such restraint, I'm sure.

OK, progress report.

Here's the nearly completed Breeze jumper in Alpaca that has taken me just over two weeks to get to this point!

And, because I love it so much and have to share, here's a close up shot of the band. I love the way the twisted rib I decided to use looks so much more interesting than plain old rib.

Remember how a while back I couldn't focus on a single project? I was unable to be enthused about anything? Well, I found my muse. She's back and I'm much happier for it. Wonder where she went?

Next project: I want to write for Cast-On, that knitting podcast that just gets better and better everyweek. Even on the shows where Brenda says she's off her game, I still think she's the best podcaster I've ever heard. My favourite thing to do on a Saturday now is get up early before Sean, and potter around the house listening to Cast On as soon as it's downloadable. Now if I can just find the right way to contribute an essay to the show, I'll be happy. Well, not entirely happy, because life is not like that, but it'd be a start.