Sunday, 10 September 2006

the breeze saga continues

Alright, I need help.

I tried describing the breeze issues to my mum on the phone and even with her vast experience of many kinds of sleeves, she said this all sounded too weird. Mum, if you're reading, here are the photos.

Anyone can see from this photo, I'm sure, that there is something terribly amiss. The spaces for the sleeves on the body of the jumper aren't remotely anything like the shape of the sleeves, are they? I have decided all I can do is undo the sleeves down to where the decreases start and, with a bit of fudging, try and make it a shorter and more correct shape. But I don't know. i thought that was the obvious solution until my mum said they sound like they are not even the right shape for the holes....!!!

Thoughts anyone?

To console myself, I'm working on a pattern from a trusted source. Patons. Interesting fact: apparently my grandmother, who I never really knew (on my dad's side) used to test patterns for Patons! Kinda wish she was around now, even though by all accounts she wasn't a very nice person. She might have been useful.

So it's a delicate little cardigan with eyelets all over it, that don't show up so well in the photo. This is the result of last night and today's work. Fingers crossed it's a lot better than the Breeze which is going to remain, for the next little while, untouched. It's been sitting in a neatly folded pile on the coffee table, but it's irritating me there, so it'll go into a bag where it can't taunt me any longer. It'll be too warm to wear it by the time I get the courage to face it again, unless someone at SnB on Tuesday night can save me.

Do you like my clever use of the remote control to hold the edge down? :-)

The finished pattern has a slightly naff lace collar - just a really thin one. Not sure if I'll do it yet or make something simpler. I'm girly, but not THAT girly that I require a lacework collar....

In the meantime, it's been a baking day. check out this cake. Is it not the ugliest cake you've ever seen?

Now, I spend a good amount of my life defending Nigella Lawson to my foodie friends. They say she can't cook for shit, amongst other things. I love her. Utterly. To the point of being (just slightly) sycophantic. I tell them I've never had a failure amongst her recipes. When people say, 'oh no one ever cooks from Nigella. They just read her like food porn,' I say, proudly, 'I cook from Nigella all the time AND I treat her like food porn.' So I'm qualified to say she's great. But not in this instance.

Dear Nigella, this cake is horrible. It's a Chocolate Orange cake. Not even two flavours I even like together so I don't know what possessed me to make a cake that has 300g of orange marmalade in it. I don't even LIKE marmalade. Blech! The thing sank in the middle, developed an inedible tough crust and just generally tasted like crap. So, strike that one off the list.