Tuesday, 26 September 2006

A small moment of glory

One of my favourite bloggers, The Samurai Knitter, held a little contest, and this morning I found out I got an honourable mention!

(You know I was just jealous of Happy Spider for winning the Cast-on photo comp, right?)

Anyway, she's been trying to finish this monster of a jumper/sweater called Blue Shimmer. We've all gone through every bloody stitch with her. I think it's safe to say we're all longing for her to finish it in time for the County Fair (how quaint does THAT sound???).

You had to come up with an explanation for why it's taking so long, been such a nightmare etc etc.

I said, quite simply, cos it's a bitch of a pattern.

And that, people, got me an honourable mention.

My day is complete.