Friday, 6 October 2006

the craft which cannot be named

Now, I know some readers are going to be horrifed (yes, you Taph!) but I picked up a crochet hook this week for the first time in several years. Basically since I started knitting again in 2004, I haven't gone back to crochet at all. Once, it was my favourite way to play with yarn. I used to think knitting was soooo inferior - all those stitches! Why work with so many stitches when you can just use one with crochet? I used to dread the thought of dropping knitting stitches and struggling to pick them all up again. That one, simple little loop on a nice little hook was so much more appealing.

I still kind of think that, but knitting is in my blood now, so I continue.

However, I'm part of a handmade gift exchange on a forum I belong to and I stumbled across some patterns for lace bookmarks. A quick trip to Cassidys and I had myself a nice bundle of No 20 crochet cotton in white, and I had dug out my collection of deliciously tiny steel hooks.

Life is a bit stressful and complicated right now and the minute I started working with those tiny little stitches I felt very, very calm again.

This bookmark is what I'm making. Got half of it done last night in front of Buffy. Do Buffy and lacey crochet have anything in common? Probably not, but it felt right.

I'll post a photo of the work in progress tonight or tomorrow and then expect a rain of hellfire from Taph and co!


ps Stacie asked in the comments for the big over indulgence post if listening to the voice of Antony and the Johnsons meant that it's possible to get sick of his voice. Ah, yes, it is. I can't do a whole album yet, just some of the highlights. He's wonderful, but a little goes a long way!